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megadidit's Journal

27 April
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-Basic Information-

Character Name: Rock/Rockman (Only got called Megaman by the news a few times. He doesn't answer to the name but recognizes it.)

Character Type: Main

Place of Origin: Rock is from the Classic Rockman universe, a year after the seventh game with some AU thrown in.

Armored Description: Rockman wears the classic light and dark blue armor that most Rockmen do. He has a comm unit within his helmet but has access to it even out of armor. A teleportation device is within one of his arms. Both change into basic plasma blasting busters with charging capabilities. If he can get his hands on his opponent(mechanical) long enough, he can copy their weapon(if compatible). His armor changes color when switching weapons as well.

Edit: Rockman can now use two copied weapons at once.

Weapons copied: Cartoon Pirate Man's Claw Shot, Rolling Cutter, Super Arm, Spread Shot, Magnet Missile, Power Stone, Gemini Laser

Unarmored Description: Rock is about 4ft, 230 lbs(thanks to an upgrade, Rock nows weighs 210 lbs), and looks to be a kid of ten. He has messy black hair and blue eyes. He can usually be seen wearing a simple T-shirt or blue hoodie and shorts or jeans depending on the weather.

-History and Personality-

Passing for Human [nonhumans only]: Rock can eat 'human' food and drink e-tanks to replenish energy and needs to sleep every once in a while to let his systems rest and recharge. His skin is a synthetic ceramic polymer that has a fleshy texture while still feeling a bit off. He has panels on his arms, chest, and back but they are only visible if open. Overall, he appears human, but too much physical contact will quickly reveal him as not.

Relationship to Nonhumans [humans only]: NA

Backstory: Rock's past follows the classic storyline, except for the few odd twists, of a lab assistant bot making the choice to become a fighter to save human kind. But fighting his brothers, seeing their destruction at his hands, and the other atrocities of war soon took its toll on the young hero. He couldn't take it and different facets of his personality were given to two new ones.

This enabled him to continue the fight against Wily multiple times until the madman tried something new. Rock's memories of the event are fuzzy due to a virus meant to overwrite his memory but what he can make out, he doesn't dwell on. (Rockman knows more but he's not talking.)

He spent his first couple months in the Nexus greatly confused and trying to get his mind in order while Rockman stayed locked up in the back of his mind trying to mend what he could. He had no where to stay and hardly enough to eat but finding anything but home never occurred to him until Cain(Proto at the time) offered and convinced him that he wouldn't be a bother staying at his place in Reality Vanish. Which is where he lives today, splitting his time between various things and searching for ways to get home.

Personality in a Nutshell: Rock is very trusting, forgiving those he feels are truly sorry or couldn't help it. He loves helping others and being useful but sometimes pushes his own needs to the back burner in favor of helping others, keeping his problems bottled so he doesn't have to think about them or make others worry. He's a horrible liar though, and if asked he'll either try changing the topic or keeping quiet.

Rock acts very much like the kid he looks at times, but he's seen too much death to be completely naive and knows the world isn't the peaceful place he wishes it to be. He still has hope for peace though, and his tendency to look for a common ground between groups gets him stuck in the middle more often then not.

One of the his biggest focuses in life is his family. He was the oldest during First and guilts himself over the destruction of his brothers; that as the oldest he should've been able to protect them. He is now extra protective of anyone he considers family.

Rock will fall back on Rockman if he doesn't want to deal with something. Mostly this is in big fights where lots of people get hurt and/or killed. Rockman on the other hand deals with these kind of things pretty well. He separates himself from them by blanking or by becoming overly serious, and just not thinking about it to much. But this doesn't make him a very good people person. It takes a lot to get him to open up and usually he'll try to copy Rock in how he's suppose to act around people. He isn't that fond of closeness but will put up with it if from close friends or family. But just because he's the fighting side doesn't mean he isn't still a kid. He is and every once in a while he'll show it, mostly around people he trusts.

More in depth info on Rock's systems

This character is not real and is for RP purposes only.